Scott A. Harris

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Software Engineer

Scott Harris grew up in the church and although he became an elected officer in multiple churches, he had a crisis of faith and came to understand that he did not value what God valued.  In desperation, Scott looked at the sky and asked “Who are you? Tell me what to do and I will do it.”  What followed was an extraordinary journey of spiritual revelation and understanding directly correlated to God’s Word.  Scott kept a detailed journal of the astonishing events that God performed in his life and following the Holy Spirit’s guidance, he wrote a book (“The Making of a Godly Warrior“) to convey the deep intimacy he experienced with Jesus.  Jesus imparted revelation knowledge on how to know Him through the key to the kingdom of God: Relentless Obedience.

Scott currently works as a software engineer in the telecommuncations industry and is working on a new book about buying and selling in the spiritual marketplace.

Scott thoroughly enjoys hiking with his wife in the captivating scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains with endless trails that lead to waterfalls and breathtaking views. He finds many correlations between hiking through the forest and the spiritual journey of following Christ.

Scott and Gigi enjoy a wonderful family of five children and eleven grandchildren living mostly in New England, albeit excited to visit this land known as “God’s Country.”