The ebook: The Making of a Godly Warrior – An Extraordinary Journey



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Kharis Publishing: ISBN-13: 978-1-946277-74-9.  ISBN-10: 1-946277-74-6

Although I spent most of my life in church, I was lost. The story begins with a crisis of faith: I actually looked at the sky and asked, “Who are you? Tell me what to do and I will do it.”  Those words and the actions that followed unlocked the pathway to knowing God, hearing His voice, and reaping the rewards of doing His Word.  The remainder of the book is the revealing journey of building an intimate relationship with Jesus through experiences directly footnoted to Bible verses.  It is a testament that God Performs His Word, and reveals much about His character as He uses situations and experiences to teach lessons to be applied, not forgotten.

This book is unique in that Jesus teaches lessons directly through experiences and communicates His assessments concerning the outcomes so the reader can get a rarely seen, powerful understanding of God’s perspective on His Word.  Frequently throughout the book, Jesus uses situations to impart characteristics of His heart as well as His emotions.  The most important aspect of this book is the main theme: a personal journey of an ordinary man observing remarkable results through diligently seeking God.  Thus, anyone who reads it will identify with the journey because there is nothing special about the author, yet the responses from God are extraordinary, in both direct communication as well as the performance of His Word.

Many books teach the reader what must be done (devotions, reading God’s Word, etc.) but this is a life changing book which teaches the reader (through engaging real-life stories), how to engage the heart through proof of God performing specific verses in His Word when the author obeys His commands.  This is the story of a quest to know Jesus, and how He engages those who pursue Him.  True personal stories reveal the truth of God’s Word, the importance of understanding it, and the spiritual progress accomplished by actually doing it.  This is no ordinary book; it proves through direct interaction with Jesus how sanctification is accomplished.  It entertains while teaching, touches the heart while convicting, transforms while provoking, and incites the reader to engage the heart.  This book has approximately 79,000 words and contains over 500 footnotes to Bible verses as well as many quotations of scripture within the text, which reveal true Hebrew and Greek meanings that illuminate the hidden path to knowing the Creator.

You should read it for yourself.  It will change your life … it sure changed mine.


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