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Provides a complete version of all study points and testimonies of encouragement for anyone who wishes to truly experience abundant life.  Different study points and testimonies exist in each resource to disciple the reader/listener.

*This package essentially provides “The Making of a Godly Warrior” for free.


The Making of a Godly Warrior (Original Book): Kharis Publishing: ISBN-13: 978-1-946277-74-9.  ISBN-10: 1-946277-74-6

  • The book is the true story of the extraordinary journey of an ordinary man who engages his heart with Jesus, causing the Creator to provide direction through instruction and executing His Word.  Powerful testimonies reveal the depth of God’s character as He engages with and communicates directly with the common man who performs His Word.

Field Notes from The Making of a Godly Warrior (Comprehensive Study Guide): Kharis Publishing: ISBN13: 978-1-946277-88-6.  ISBN10: 1-946277-88-6

  • The Field Notes Study Guide is an in depth look chapter-by-chapter of the journey to become who God called you to be, and how to get there. The Field Notes Study Guide engages the reader to take a personal assessment at the beginning of each chapter followed by a study of the corresponding chapter of the original book, “The Making of a Godly Warrior.”  Additionally, each chapter provides guidance for development as well as thought provoking questions for the reader to gauge personal spiritual development. This study can be equally effective in either a group or individual study.

Field Videos from The Making of a Godly Warrior

  • Sixteen discussions corresponding to each chapter of “The Making of a Godly Warrior” with over seven hours of video to encourage the listener to engage their heart with the One True God. The author further examines the value of doing God’s Word while providing additional study points and testimonies related to the journey on the path to Abundant Life.  Videos are on location alongside beautiful Great Smoky Mountain streams, waterfalls and mountain views.

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