The Original Book: The Making of a Godly Warrior – An Extraordinary Journey

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Kharis Publishing: ISBN-13: 978-1-946277-74-9.  ISBN-10: 1-946277-74-6

Although I spent most of my life in church, I was lost. The story begins with a crisis of faith: I actually looked at the sky and asked, “Who are you? Tell me what to do and I will do it.”  Those words and the actions that followed unlocked the pathway to knowing God, hearing His voice, and reaping the rewards of doing His Word.  The remainder of the book is the revealing journey of building an intimate relationship with Jesus through experiences directly footnoted to Bible verses.  It is a testament that God Performs His Word, and reveals much about His character as He uses situations and experiences to teach lessons to be applied, not forgotten.

This book is unique in that Jesus teaches lessons directly through experiences and communicates His assessments concerning the outcomes so the reader can get a rarely seen, powerful understanding of God’s perspective on His Word.  Frequently throughout the book, Jesus uses situations to impart characteristics of His heart as well as His emotions.  The most important aspect of this book is the main theme: a personal journey of an ordinary man observing remarkable results through diligently seeking God.  Thus, anyone who reads it will identify with the journey because there is nothing special about the author, yet the responses from God are extraordinary, in both direct communication as well as the performance of His Word.

Many books teach the reader what must be done (devotions, reading God’s Word, etc.) but this is a life changing book which teaches the reader (through engaging real-life stories), how to engage the heart through proof of God performing specific verses in His Word when the author obeys His commands.  This is the story of a quest to know Jesus, and how He engages those who pursue Him.  True personal stories reveal the truth of God’s Word, the importance of understanding it, and the spiritual progress accomplished by actually doing it.  This is no ordinary book; it proves through direct interaction with Jesus how sanctification is accomplished.  It entertains while teaching, touches the heart while convicting, transforms while provoking, and incites the reader to engage the heart.  This book has approximately 79,000 words and contains over 500 footnotes to Bible verses as well as many quotations of scripture within the text, which reveal true Hebrew and Greek meanings that illuminate the hidden path to knowing the Creator.

You should read it for yourself.  It will change your life … it sure changed mine.

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20 reviews for The Original Book: The Making of a Godly Warrior – An Extraordinary Journey

  1. Randy J. Harris, Assistant Vice President/Treasury

    Scott focuses on his real-life experiences and how God uses those day-to-day life moments to teach him profound spiritual lessons. There is something in this book for all believers who know there is something missing in their relationship with God; but cannot put their finger on it. The author has a real knack for fleshing out the non-essentials and bringing laser focus on the things that really matter in our walk with God.

  2. Nancy A. Cline

    Scott’s spiritual journey and the building of his relationship with the one true God is one that any man or woman can relate to. This book is a compelling revelation of what God can do to transform our human and sinful nature into a life that is spiritually deep, rich, and abundant through obedience to God’s Word. Scott provides a practical approach on how to execute that obedience and thus have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. The personal examples and revelations that the Lord imparted to Scott through people, places and circumstances shows us that our Lord meets us right where we are, and teaches us what we can do to follow him and have a more intimate relationship with him. I pray the Lord will use this book to lead many souls to Christ and I thank God for Scott’s perseverance and discipline in completing this work.

  3. Pastor David Mcintosh Christian Assembly Berkshires, MA

    Many books teach the reader what must be done (devotions, etc.) but this is a life changing book which teaches the reader how to engage the heart through proof of God performing specific verses in His Word when the author obeys His commands. This is the story of a quest to know God and how He engages those who pursue Him. True personal stories reveal the truth of God’s Word, the importance of understanding it, and the spiritual progress accomplished by actually doing it. This is no ordinary book; it proves through direct interaction with God how sanctification is accomplished.

  4. Dr. Gary Hewins Pastor, Community Bible Church Highlands, NC

    The Making of Godly Warrior highlights the daily lessons learned in God’s “spiritual boot camp”.  In an otherwise non-transparent world, Harris takes off his mask and reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly associated with walking in obedience to the word of God. He gains spiritual understanding while being misunderstood. He willingly embraces the seeming restrictive commands of God and experiences the liberation that only obedience provides. On the Potter’s wheel he remains, being shaped, and fashioned into the man he is called to be. In these pages, an effective, transformative tension is introduced. Allow yourself to be wooed into a deeper affection for, and obedience to, the word of God. Experientially know, that faith and wisdom travel the same road together as do love, grace and obedience. Take from these pages that which will further shape you into the warrior God is calling you to be and shore up those pillars of truth keeping you victorious in Christ

  5. Christia Ashmore    Global Media Outreach Missionary

    On a group tour in Israel, my husband and I, attached ourselves to Scott and his wife Gigi. We liked them! I got to get to know this friendly man’s intense Bostonian personality. I could see how God has gentled him. In his first book, Scott tells how God was willing to hear his bold challenge to “Show me what to do and I’ll do it.”    Scott Harris is evidence that God will take an honest challenge! Proving change in life is possible no matter how late we ask, Scott was willing to do whatever He said.  Scott precisely records each step of what he heard from the Lord on disciplines to practice, confirmed in the living Word and by his response of obedience. He wants others to be able to discover God is faithful to change and use us if we are serious to follow His ways. I found his testimony easy to read; it piqued my curiosity and stimulated questions from within. This book is just the beginning for Scott; I am counting on more discoveries by this warrior.

  6.  Gigi Harris Intercessory Prayer Warrior, Scott’s wife

    I had a vision of Scott waking up from a deep, deep sleep. I saw my husband stretch his left arm, then his right, take a long deep breath as he rubbed his eyes, and, in a flash, he took off like a bullet. A man on a mission, he was running hard after the truth of who God is and asked Him, “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”  He had found what he had been missing all his life.  Scott scheduled his priorities as one who searches and chases God with all his might.  I watched the death of the man I had married and saw a Christ like man unfold in front of my eyes.  I witnessed the transformation of the man Scott was in the past to the man he is today.  I am the primary beneficiary of the results of his relentless obedience and devotions to God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We are now reaping the rewards and favor of God available to those who diligently seek Him.

  7. Rebel Lance Rodgers

    I really enjoyed this book. It was thought provoking and it verifies that no only is God alive, but just how active He is in our lives. You cannot read this book and not want a deeper relationship with the Trinity. If you don’t want to be convicted then you might want to read something else.

  8. Samantha L.

    This book is a great reminder that our relationship with God is a two way street & though we often do most of the talking, it’s important to listen when God responds. Scott’s stories are inspiring & I loved reading each & every one of them.

  9. Ginette

    The author truly has found the path to an intimate relationship with Jesus. This book reveals that the Creator has crafted a personal, specific path for each of us to travel on a spiritual journey toward knowing Him. Now more than ever is the time to strengthen your walk with Jesus, and The Making of a Godly Warrior provides an in depth path to that end.

  10. Laura C.

    This book was so interesting reading about the author’s spiritual journey, hearing the Lords voice, and growing in intimacy. It was definitely thought provoking about my own walk with the Lord. It is very well written, engaging, and I would definitely recommend this book!

  11. Jim Cline

    The author’s discovery of the importance of being obedient to God’s word in this book strongly resonated with me. I was able to gain practical steps on how to draw closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I was also able to relate to the lessons the Lord taught The author on his journey to becoming a “Godly Warrior.” This book encouraged me to take these practical steps in order to be in stronger alignment with God’s will and calling for my life.

  12. Lenora

    When Scott spoke the words “ Tell me what to do and I will do it “ it started his journey into knowing God more intimately and so began the making of a Godly warrior. With an open heart and obedience,he listened to what God was leading him to do. And through many situations,trials and blessings Scott learned a deeper sense of obedience,trust and faith. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know God more and to have Him move in their life.

  13. Jessica Falcone

    Excellent read! This book details the journey of Scott from his past self to his present self that is now whole in Christ. As a Believer, this book will help guide you to a deeper understanding of God. I recommend this book to anyone looking to refresh their relationship with God.

  14. John E.

    This is a personal account in which the author bares his own experiences in life, family, the church, and relationship with God. In his struggle to know the Creator, he is honest, thoughtful, and introspective about his journey, beginning with tough questions and ending with a deeper personal knowledge. While everyone’s starting point in this process will be different, many will identify with the author’s path and hopefully end in the same place – a strong commitment to life-altering changes to know Him better.

  15. K. Smith

    In a Christian culture that bristles at the “O” word, Scott Andrew Harris not only declares, unapologetically, the virtues of Obediently following after God … he maps it out. More than ever, we need this message! Raw and exposed, he shares his journey of discovering the key to dismantling the old life so as to take up a new life of devotion: living valiantly for God through obedience to His Word.

  16. Dave E.

    This insightful book will take you on a journey that few have chosen to take. A journey of complete surrender to God, with a hunger to know and please God in all areas of his life, not with lip service or shallow promises but rather by obedience and the fear of the Lord. The author will take you through the path he took, from being a complacent believer and never truly knowing God. The author will take you through the complete transformation through obedience. I found this book an exciting read, there were no flat or dull areas, as you read your eyes will be opened. The author does not speak harshly to the reader, rather he speaks through the Father’s love, candidly speaks of the trials and victories of his walk. We are shown by example of the rewards of obedience or as the author calls it, precise obedience. The author brings his journey of being steadfast towards God, by sharing many scriptures through his journey. A very helpful book, and truly is a must read, regardless of how long you have been following the Lord. The author will leave you with a fresh perspective of the importance of intimacy and desiring to please God in all areas of your life, your hunger to truly know the Lord will be deeply stirred.

  17. Brian

    One of a kind road map of how to improve our relationship with the Master of the Universe. This book truly gives insight into who God really is through scripture and the authors life experiences! Get to know Him through relentless obedience! Great book!

  18. Sidiane

    I love how relatable the author’s life story is. He’s as ordinary man like most of us who one day decided to go deeper with God and his life was transformed. He makes several analogies which makes it easier to remember good life lessons in our day to day life. The book is loaded with scriptures. I definitely recommend it to any person who wants to develop a closer relationship with God.

  19. Maureen

    I liked the personal stories of his journey , becoming a godly warrior. It was real life experiences that everyone can relate to. My husband and I feel that if you read this book you will find the road to a close relationship to God.

  20. Priscilla A

    I truly enjoyed this book! It is a spiritual journey of a man who has given his all to serve the Master , to hear his voice and live the life of a godly warrior!

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