👍 Endorsements

The following are endorsements for “The Making of a Godly Warrior” by:

  • Randy J. Harris, Assistant Vice President/Treasury
  • Nancy A. Cline, Senior Human Resources Leader
  • Pastor David Mcintosh, Christian Assembly Berkshires, MA
  • Dr. Gary Hewins, Pastor, Community Bible Church, Highlands, NC 
  • Christia Ashmore, Global Media Outreach Missionary
  • Gigi Harris, Intercessory Prayer Warrior, Scott’s wife

“Scott focuses on his real-life experiences and how God uses those day-to-day life moments to teach him profound spiritual lessons. There is something in this book for all believers who know there is something missing in their relationship with God; but cannot put their finger on it. The author has a real knack for fleshing out the non-essentials and bringing laser focus on the things that really matter in our walk with God.” ~Randy J. Harris, Assistant Vice President/Treasury

“Scott’s spiritual journey and the building of his relationship with the one true God is one that any man or woman can relate to. This book is a compelling revelation of what God can do to transform our human and sinful nature into a life that is spiritually deep, rich, and abundant through obedience to God’s Word. Scott provides a practical approach on how to execute that obedience and thus have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. The personal examples and revelations that the Lord imparted to Scott through people, places and circumstances shows us that our Lord meets us right where we are, and teaches us what we can do to follow him and have a more intimate relationship with him. I pray the Lord will use this book to lead many souls to Christ and I thank God for Scott’s perseverance and discipline in completing this work.”  ~ Nancy A. Cline    Senior Human Resources Leader    

“Many books teach the reader what must be done (devotions, etc.) but this is a life changing book which teaches the reader how to engage the heart through proof of God performing specific verses in His Word when the author obeys His commands. This is the story of a quest to know God and how He engages those who pursue Him. True personal stories reveal the truth of God’s Word, the importance of understanding it, and the spiritual progress accomplished by actually doing it. This is no ordinary book; it proves through direct interaction with God how sanctification is accomplished.” ~ Pastor David Mcintosh Christian Assembly Berkshires, MA

“The Making of Godly Warrior highlights the daily lessons learned in God’s “spiritual boot camp”.  In an otherwise non-transparent world, Harris takes off his mask and reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly associated with walking in obedience to the word of God. He gains spiritual understanding while being misunderstood. He willingly embraces the seeming restrictive commands of God and experiences the liberation that only obedience provides. On the Potter’s wheel he remains, being shaped, and fashioned into the man he is called to be. In these pages, an effective, transformative tension is introduced. Allow yourself to be wooed into a deeper affection for, and obedience to, the word of God. Experientially know, that faith and wisdom travel the same road together as do love, grace and obedience. Take from these pages that which will further shape you into the warrior God is calling you to be and shore up those pillars of truth keeping you victorious in Christ.” ~ Dr. Gary Hewins   Pastor, Community Bible Church Highlands, NC  

“On a group tour in Israel, my husband and I, attached ourselves to Scott and his wife Gigi. We liked them! I got to get to know this friendly man’s intense Bostonian personality. I could see how God has gentled him. In his first book, Scott tells how God was willing to hear his bold challenge to “Show me what to do and I’ll do it.”    Scott Harris is evidence that God will take an honest challenge! Proving change in life is possible no matter how late we ask, Scott was willing to do whatever He said.  Scott precisely records each step of what he heard from the Lord on disciplines to practice, confirmed in the living Word and by his response of obedience. He wants others to be able to discover God is faithful to change and use us if we are serious to follow His ways. I found his testimony easy to read; it piqued my curiosity and stimulated questions from within. This book is just the beginning for Scott; I am counting on more discoveries by this warrior.” ~ Christia Ashmore    Global Media Outreach Missionary    

“I had a vision of Scott waking up from a deep, deep sleep. I saw my husband stretch his left arm, then his right, take a long deep breath as he rubbed his eyes, and, in a flash, he took off like a bullet. A man on a mission, he was running hard after the truth of who God is and asked Him, “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”  He had found what he had been missing all his life.  Scott scheduled his priorities as one who searches and chases God with all his might.  I watched the death of the man I had married and saw a Christ like man unfold in front of my eyes.  I witnessed the transformation of the man Scott was in the past to the man he is today.  I am the primary beneficiary of the results of his relentless obedience and devotions to God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We are now reaping the rewards and favor of God available to those who diligently seek Him.” ~ Gigi Harris    Intercessory Prayer Warrior, Scott’s wife