Praying in Tongues

Tongues are a controversial subject because they are so inherently powerful. The enemy has convinced many that they do not exist, and still others that tongues are only available to a select few. Neither belief could be further from the truth. Below is my response to a man who told me that tongues do not exist. I post it here because as soon as I replied, he promptly deleted my response so that no one would see it.

On Praying in Tongues

I don’t debate these issues although I am sure you have been taught these beliefs. Ten years ago, I was praying and the Lord said “If you really want to know me, you are going to have to pray in tongues” Having been baptized in the Holy Spirit, I obeyed; that changed my life with such deep intimacy, you could never understand it having not been there. What you have been taught is by men; God is not restrained by men’s teachings. As I have experienced in the past with nonbelievers in tongues, it is likely that you would never be convinced that they exist no matter how many words or scriptures, or experiences were given. That becomes a waste of time and energy. I had a friend who went to two different churches; one church believed in tongues, one did not. He was praying one night and asked the Lord “Are tongues real?” Immediately he began speaking in tongues. That said, I share this for anyone who may read this post that perhaps they will inquire of the Lord the same question; not depend upon the teachings of a man. As for your statement ” there is no such thing” you are only shortchanging yourself and anyone that you teach it to. Seek God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength; He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. There is no doubt in my mind that if you chose to truly seek Him on this matter with no preconceived notions taught by men, you would understand the truth. I don’t need to be right on this matter so please don’t think this is an “argument I need to win.” For most of my life, I did not speak in tongues, then ten years ago I experienced the power and intimacy that comes with praying in tongues daily. To say there is “no such thing” discounts my relationship with the Lord. Sad for sure, but the day will come when all things are revealed. I am more than confident to stand before the Creator with my relationship with Him. After all, we built it together…

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